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Schlüterstraße 15 · 10625 Berlin · Telephone 030/312 55 57 
Monday to Saturday opening 7:00pm
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 The whisky pub „Union Jack“ is located in the city center of Berlin and offers 401 different types of whisky. In addition, it offers English, Irish, and German draught beers, as well as cider, small home-made meals, and Walkers crisps. The pub regularly hosts tasting events, lectures of the „Friends of the Scottish Wine Country“, and slide presentations featuring topics such as tours of Scotland.

 Being one of the few traditional English pubs in Berlin - and the oldest one – the “Union Jack” attracts connoisseurs seeking a unique selection ranging from Malt Whisky and Blended Scotch Whisky, over Irish, Canadian, and Japanese whisky, to American Bourbon.

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 Only here in the Berlin pub, the beers on tap vary from Newcastle Brown Ale, Murphy’s Irish Stout and Irish Red, to more known brands such as Guinness, Kilkenny, and Heineken or Strongbow Cider. All beers are served in pints, pitchers, and even in the unique Yard-of-Ale.

 Obviously, non-whisky-drinkers can get their money´s worth with the large selection of cocktails, soft drinks, and warm beverages offered in the pub.

 Home-made soups, baguettes, Ham & Eggs, pasta à la Snake and the popular Walkers Crisps, such as „Ready Salted“ and „Salt & Vinegar“, top off the selection.

 The traditional interior and the soft music contribute to an enjoyable experience in the Berlin night life. Link to the picture of the interior.

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